Cheap Hamster Cages

A cheap hamster cage will no doubt help you save some money, but it's important to choose the right one. Quality and suitability should not be sacrificed just to save a few pounds. However, if you are clever, it's not too difficult to find a good cheap hamster cage.

Shopping around is the key

Just as you probably do, whatever you are buying, shopping around will help you find the cheapest hamster cages. Here at Loving Your Pet, the internet is our first port of call. There some great online pet shops with a huge range of options at different prices.

Most online pet shops will have some sort of sale or promotion on at different times of the year. This should help you find some really good cheap hamster cages. Visit a few websites, and write down the best prices you can find for a hamster cage. Do your research!

TIP: If you are buying online, check the delivery charge and and add it to the price of the hamster cage for the total cost.

Try your local pet shops and garden centres - you never know what bargains you might find. You could even ask your friends (if they own a hamster) where they bought theirs from and how much it cost.

Second hand hamster cages

There's a good chance that someone, somewhere is selling a hamster cage. The best places to find out are local newspapers, local shop window and maybe even a notice board in your vet's waiting room. If someone is selling a second hand hamster cage, it will probably be cheap.

It's very important when buying a cage second hand that you inspect the quality of it. Remember your hamster cage should be solid, hygienic and free from hazards like rust or sharp corners. Make sure you take a look at the cage before you buy it.

If you do buy a cheap second hand hamster cage, you should give it an incredibly thorough clean out before using it.

It shouldn't be too tricky to find a cheap hamster cage. The most important thing to remember is that, no matter how cheap it is, it should be the right size and the right quality for your hamster to be happy and healthy.

Happy bargain hunting!

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