Choosing A New Hamster

When choosing a new hamster there are some careful considerations to make. This article help point you in the right direction when choosing your brand new hammy!

Inspect the Hamster First!

It is always a good idea not to choose a hamster just by looking at it in it's cage. You should ask the pet shop assistant or breeder to remove the hamster from the cage and place it on a table top for example.

Get Acquainted with the Hamster

Once the hamster is out of it's cage don't try to pick it up. Give it a short while to get to know you - perhaps by offering it a treat. Hamsters are very inquisitive so this shouldn't take long. The hamster will probably be nervous so don't make any quick movements.

If the hamster doesn't stroll off, move your hand slowly over and around it. Grip gently (but firmly) so that the entire hamster is in your slightly closed fist. Once you have picked it up, it may appear very afraid or try to bite you. It might be a good idea to move onto another hamster that you like the look of.

Take Your Time When Choosing a Hamster

Do not make any quick decisions when choosing your new hamster friend. Follow both your head and your heart. By seeing the hamster and interacting with it, you should get a feel for both it's well-being and character. This will help you choose a hamster that is both happy and healthy.

How Many New Hamsters Should I Buy?

Hamsters are naturally quite solitary creatures, so there is no need to worry about your new hamster being lonely. As long as you give it enough love and attention, you new hamster will be quite happy living alone.

If you do choose to have more than one new hamster, they should not share the same house or cage after they are six weeks old (except if you want to breed them).

Should I Choose a Male or Female Hamster?

If you are only buying one new hamster, the sex is not that important. As hamsters grow up, males tend to remain more docile, whilst females can become slightly unfriendly.

If you do choose a female hamster, you should check that she is not pregnant. Ask the pet shop staff or breeder to double check this for you.

A new hamster is an exciting time. When it comes to choosing one, take you time. Done right, you should end up with a new hamster that is both happy and healthy.

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