Hamster Carriers

Whether you're off on holiday or taking Herbert the Hamster to the vet, you need a safe and secure way to transport your small rodent friend. Hamster carriers are specifically designed to ensure your hamster travels securely and in comfort.

What is a hamster carrier?

Hamster pet carriers are useful for transporting your hamster wherever he or she needs to go, and the type you choose will depend on where your hamster travels!

A simple, portable hamster carrier is all that's required if you only take your hamster on short trips to the vet or just need somewhere to house them while you're cleaning their cage. But if you're moving home or going on a long journey, a hamster carrier with a water bottle is a must.

Some larger hamster travel carriers can be used as short-term hamster accommodation too - handy if you want to take Herbert on holiday or you're leaving him behind with a friend.

Types of hamster carrier

Hamster carrier cages

Hamster carrier cages have either:

  • A solid bottom with a removable or hinged cage top
  • A solid side, bottom and roof and a hinged cage door

They all have handle at the top makes them easy to carry.

Hamster carrier boxes

Usually made of plastic, hamster carrier boxes have a solid bottom and a removable or hinged lid with a handle and ventilation holes. The lid is often transparent to let Herbert see the world around him - and to let you keep an eye on him, too!

Hamster carrier backpacks

Hamster carrier backpacks are designed to be worn just like a normal backpack, but a cosy, ventilated section with a mesh panel lets your hamster travel in style with you wherever you go! They're ideal if you want your hamster to join you on long walks and outdoor adventures.

Hamster bag carrier

A hamster bag carrier can either be styled like a handbag, sports bag, or sling, with ventilation panels or slots. They usually have a place where Herbert can peep out.

Choosing the right hamster carrier

Even though most carriers will suit most breeds, check the product information to ensure you choose the right size based on your hamster breed. Syrian hamsters are a larger breed and need space, while dwarf hamsters need to travel in something without holes large enough for their tiny bodies to wriggle out of!

Choose a good quality, well-made hamster carrier with adequate ventilation. A small hamster carrier is fine for short trips and infrequent use, but if you have more than one hamster or your hamster will be inside for some time, choose one with more space, better ventilation and preferably a water bottle (or the facility to attach one).

Beyond that, the colour and style is up to you, and there are plenty of choices from brands such as Ovo, Ferplast, Corepine, Trixie, Rosewood, POPETPOP, Pet Brands and Petsmart. Reading hamster carrier reviews is a good way to whittle down your selection.

Our Recommended Hamster Carrier Bestseller

We think the best hamster carrier available right now is the Ferplast Aladino Hamster Carrier. Available on Amazon at a great price - and with free one-day delivery with Prime - this carrier is made of sturdy plastic. It has a hinged transparent lid with so that you can keep an eye on your hamster, with a carry handle and ventilation slots to ensure Herbert has plenty of fresh air. The solid, brightly coloured bottom, in either lime green or fuchsia, is big enough to hold litter and sand.

  • Max load: 0.5kg
  • Secure lid catch to prevent accidental opening
  • Ideal for short journeys or as alternative accommodation when cage cleaning!
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value for money

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamster Carriers

How do I make my own hamster carrier?

Although it's possible to make your own DIY hamster carrier, for the safety and comfort of your hamster, we recommend buying one from a well-known retailer or manufacturer so that you know it's secure, properly ventilated and made from animal-safe materials.

Where can I buy a hamster carrier?

You can buy hamster carriers from pet shops or superstores such as Pets at Home and Argos, or from online retailers like Amazon.

If you're finding it hard to select the best hamster carrier for Herbert, search for 'hamster carrier' on Amazon to see a wide range of models and numerous reviews.

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