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Saddle covers

Keeping your saddle in good condition is a must. A saddle cover is the perfect solution to keeping it safe and sound. Find out more here!

Horse treats

Horses love a treat! It tantalises their taste buds, keeps them stimulated and put you in their good books. A healthy horse treat is sure to be a hit with the equine companion. Here's a little bit more...

Haynets for horses

Hay nets are the perfect stable accessory for any horse. Perfect for munching from, a haynet helps horses eat steadily, healthily and tidily!

Fly Rugs

Fly rugs help to stop pesky insects from bothering your horse. A lightweight fly rug or fly sheet also protects your equine companion from dirt and the sun.

Keeping your horse warm in winter

Winter is a cold, damp month and it's important for us all to keep warm, including your horses. Here are some tips on keeping your horse warm in winter.

Horse Riding Holidays in Wales

Horse riding holidays in Wales offer the chance to do what you love in stunning surroundings. From the mountains to the rugged coast, Wales offers a fantastic location for a truly memorable riding holiday!

Riding Holidays in Devon

Devon boasts some amazing scenery, making it the perfect area for a riding holiday. A horse riding holiday in Devon is bound to be memorable and relaxing. Here are a few tips.

Hoof oil

Hoof oil is a great way to help maintain and protect your horses hooves, preventing them from becoming brittle and splitting. It's also essential if you are showing your horse. Here's an introduction to hoof oil.

Horse grooming equipment and tools

Owning some horse grooming equipment is a vital part of being a horse owner. From combs to brushes and picks to pads, here's an introduction to essential items of horse grooming equipment and tools.