Horse Grooming Equipment and Tools

A horse grooming kit contains some quite specific tools. Each part of the grooming kit will serve a different purpose so it's important to know what's what. Here's a quick guide to horse grooming equipment and tools.

Every horse should have it's own grooming kit, full of the right equipment and tools which should be kept clean. It's important to know how to use each piece of grooming equipment and to ensure it's doing it's job.

Curry Comb

Curry combs, normally made from plastic or rubber, are sued to remove dirt, mud and loose hair. They are particular useful for grass-kept horses. Whilst they are used directly on the horse, care should be taken on horses with sensitive skin or thin coats.

Metal Curry Comb

,b>Metal curry combs should not be used on a horse! They are merely for cleaning body brushes. Metal Your metal curry comb should be kept free from hair to help ensure it works effectively. A metal curry comb is normally a metal rectangle with raised serrated lips over which a body brush is cleaned.

Dandy Brush

A dandy brush is the first brush you will use on a dirty coat. The bristles are longer on a dandy brush than a body brush and also more rigid. A dandy brush should not be used on clipped or sensitive parts of your horse's coat.

Water Brush

A water brush should be used damp to wet down the coat, mane or tail. Water brushes are useful for removing tricky stains!


Ideally you should have two sponges in your horse grooming kit. They should be good in quality as one is used to clean the mouth eyes and nose and the other for the dock area. Ensure the sponge is in good condition - it should not be breaking up or shedding pieces when used.

Stable Rubber

A stable rubber can be used to help give your horse's coat a nice final polish. They are normally made from a linen material and can be used damp. Stable rubbers should be washed regularly.

Hoof Pick

Normally metal or plastic, a hoof pick is a vital piece of horse grooming equipment. Hoof picks are used to remove debris, stones and dirt from the underside of a horse's hoof. Always ensure the end is blunt - a sharp one will cut your horse's feet.

Massage Pad

A massage pad is used on a clean, dry, working horse to help sooth muscles and promote healthy blood flow. This massaging technique is often called wisping.

Mane Comb

Sometimes plastic but usually made of metal, a mane comb is useful for combing a horse's mane. Some horse owners find these more useful for decorative combing, but generally a mane a tail brush will suffice otherwise.

Mane and Tail Brush

This is a brush suitable for brushing both a horse's main and tail.

Cactus Cloth

A cactus cloth can either be used damp or dry and is useful for removing excess dried mud and sweat from a horse. Cactus cloths should be soaked before use to ensure they are softened.

Grooming Kit Box

Finally, to keep all of your horse grooming equipment and tools in one place, a kit box is the perfect solution! Normally plastic, it's up to you what to use. Whether it's a plastic tray used for decorating, or a specially designed grooming kit box, it's just useful to keep it all in one place.

Remember to look after your horse grooming tools and ensure they are always clean. It's important that the equipment is of good quality and condition so it can do it's important job well.