Horse Riding Holidays in Devon

A horse riding holiday in Devon gives you the chance to do what you love in one of the UK's most beautiful and unspoilt counties. A riding break in Devon will definitely be one to remember!

A little bit about Devon

Devon is a truly wonderful county full of ancient history and stunning scenery. With fantastic beaches, picturesque villages and rolling hills, Devon is a perfect destination for a riding holiday.

It's a large county with two separate coastlines, both as beautiful as each other. It's an unspoilt county which offers some of the best scenery in the UK - perfect for a memorable riding holiday!

Why choose Devon for a riding holiday?

Devon is an unspoilt county, famed for it's coastline, moors, rolling hills and stunning beauty. It's simply a fantastic county to horse ride in. Whether is a canter along a beach or a trek across Exmoor, there's plenty of riding holiday venues to choose from.

Devon is easily accessible from the South East and Midlands in 3 to 4 hours - the perfect chance to get away from the hustle and bustle!

Which area should I choose?

Devon is a huge country offering many different types of terrains, so this decision needs to made by you. Do your research on Devon and find out which areas tickle your fancy the most. Give different riding venues a ring to find out a little more about their location, favoured riding routes and nearby attractions and scenery.

Some of the most popular horse riding holiday destinations in Devon are:

  • Exmoor
  • Dartmoor
  • North Devon coast
  • South Devon coast
  • Mid Devon valleys

Croyde Bay, for example, is a stunning sandy beach in North Devon - a popular choice for horse riding breaks.

Choosing a riding holiday in Devon

As there's so much on offer, you'll need to do some thinking about the riding holiday in Devon that's best for you.

Once you've decided on the area you'd like to ride in, you'll probably need to find out a bit more about the holiday itself.

Do you want a weekend riding holiday in Devon? Or a full week? Are you an experienced rider or beginner?

These are questions that venues will be able to help you with. A simple phone call should help answer your questions and give you the chance to find out how much a riding holiday will cost. Remember they aren't cheap so by doing some shopping around you may well find a really good deal.