Horse Riding Holidays in France

If you are looking for a horse riding holiday then why not choose one in France? It's a great chance to get abroad and enjoy riding in a beautiful country.

France is a really convenient place to visit for any sort of holiday. With ferries crossing the channel from a number of ports, the ease of the Channel Tunnel and short haul flights, the perfect horse riding holiday in France is only hours away.

Which area should I choose?

It's entirely up to you! Compared to the U.K., France is an expansive country so there plenty of horse riding opportunities throughout. Whether it's the Loire, Provence, the Ardeche or the Atlantic coast, horse riding holidays are as easy to find in France than they are back home.

Different areas of France experience different weather. Generally it's warmer the further south you venture. The scenery will also vary depending in which region you are in. There's mountainous areas, coastal regions and plenty of rolling hills and vineyards if that's what you like.

Finding a riding holiday in France

Finding an equestrian or horse riding holiday in France shouldn't be too difficult. You can do most of your research online. Just use a search engine like Google and see what results appear for phrases like horse riding holidays France or riding holidays in south France. You'll soon get a taste for what's on offer.

Once you've looked at the websites of people who run riding holidays in France you should have a good idea of what you are after. You can also try equestrian magazines and publications too - there's bound to be advertisements and articles in those, particular in the run up to holiday periods.

Of course, if you know a friend who has been on a French horse riding holiday, then speak to them. There's nothing quite like personal recommendations.

Will language be a problem?

It probably won't be. The French are well known to generally have good English-speaking skills. Having said that, many horse riding holidays in France are likely to be in rural areas where people are more traditional and may not speak English.

If you've found the venue on the internet and it's in English, then they probably cater for foreign visitors and so they will be more than used to conversing in a different language if necessary. Just drop them an email or phone call and get a feel for it first.

Whether it's for a horse riding break or just a normal holiday, it's always useful to learn a bit of French in any case. Learn some important words or phrases first if you can - ideally including some horse riding related words!

Things to remember

You'll probably get a list of riding equipment and clothing, if any, you will need to take from the holiday organisers. Other than that you should remember your passpost most importantly! If you are going riding in France then do your research on the weather in that region for the time of year you are going. If it's likely to be hot, ensure you take plenty of sun cream as you'll be spending many glorious hours outside!

We hope this guide to choosing a horse riding holiday in France has been useful. If you decide to take the plunge and book one then we hope you really enjoy it!