Horsebox Insurance

Just like any other road-going vehicle, your horsebox must be insured. We have compiled some tips, advice on information on horsebox insurance, just for you.

Horsebox insurance is something that you must not forget, and should be an important part of your equine insurance portfolio! Horsebox insurance will ensure that you are covered for things like theft or damage. On top of that, some horsebox insurance policies will also take care of your horse should your horsebox breakdown.

Horse box insurance cover can vary greatly depending on what sort of policy you choose. For this reason, you must give it some thought when choosing horsebox insurance.

Are you towing?

Some horsebox insurance policies don't cover for towed items. If you regularly tow a trailer, for example, you may find that the trailer isn't covered on the same policy as your horsebox. It is a good idea to clarify this with the insurance company when you are looking around.

What are you using your horsebox for?

When getting horsebox insurance quotes, you will probably be asked whether the horsebox is to be used for personal or business use (or both!). If you state that your horsebox is for personal use, and you make a claim when it is being used for business, your insurer will probably refuse the claim.

Horsebox anti-theft devices

Some horsebox insurance policies will require that you have one or more anti-theft devices fitted. These insurers may refuse to pay for claims should you state you have an anti-theft device and not use it. This is worth clarifying when shopping around.

Horsebox contents!

Some horsebox insurance providers will insure the contents of your horsebox in the event of theft or damage. As some equine equipment can obviously be very expensive, you may wish to consider this too.

Peace of mind is crucial - you should be fully covered for any eventuality with your horsebox. Doing the right research and finding the right horsebox insurance policy to fit your needs will save to time, money and a lot of hassle!

Just as you would (or should!) read the finer details and small print for any type of insurance, do the same when you buy horsebox insurance. Make sure you get exactly what you need.

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