Top 5 Horse Films

Just for all you movie and horse lovers out there, we have decided to give you a quick review of our 5 favourite horse movies of all time. From the fun to the sad and the romantic to the triumphant they are a great mix. So here goes...our top 5 horse films!

Black Beauty - #1

Directed by Caroline Thompson, a film about the fate of a horse and the people who own them, narrated by Black Beauty the audience take a look into his life from his birth and his days as a carefree colt right through to his later life. You see him face many hardships and his welfare suffers, however; it does have a happy ending! A must watch film for all horse lovers.
Neigh Rating = 10

The Horse Whisperer - #2

Directed and starred in by Robert Redford, a film about a girl who has an unfortunate accident on her horse in the snow where she loses more than just her confidence. A truly inspiring story of how the girl overcomes her fears despite everything that has happened to her after her Mum decides to take her and the horse to Montana to seek the help of the horse whisperer.

Neigh Rating = 9

Dreamer - #3

Directed by John Gatins, a film based on a true story about a man who believes he can save a racehorse with a broken leg and get it racing again with the help of his keen, horse loving daughter. A lovely family film with a much needed happy ending.

Neigh Rating = 8

Racing Stripes - #4

Directed by Frederik Du Chau, a film about a baby Zebra who is accidentally left behind when the circus make a quick exit during a thunderstorm. He is found by a farmer who takes him home to his daughter. Once a professional racing trainer now owns a farm full of farm yard animal with character. This story takes you through the heartfelt story of Stripes and how he ends up on the race course.

Neigh Rating = 8

Seabiscuit - #5

Directed by Gary ross, a film about a man who is trying to rebuild his life after the death of his only child and the breakdown of his marriage. He decides to focus on horse racing and finds a team of underdogs to help him achieve his dream. He finds himself with Seabiscuit, a small 15hh thoroughbred with a slight limp. Follow this inspirational story from start to finish.

Neigh Rating = 7