Types of Horse

A 'breed' of horse is a particular genetic group, and a 'type' of horse is one that aren't a specific breed. Humans have been breeding horses for many years now, normally to exaggerate or reinforce particular characteristics and features.

Horses which are recognised as a particular type of breed are entered into official stud books. If a horse isn't a particular breed, remember, they are described as a particular 'type'. Below is a quick introduction to types of horses.


The hack is a elegant, beautiful and light breed. They have attractive heads and well-developed hindquarter muscles. Hacks are very comfortable ride as they have long, fine legs and a medium sized back. Hacks place their feet with great precision and grace.


Cobs are small horses and normally stand at around 15 hands in height. Cob were first used on farms as they had the strength to carry their rider all day. With a cool temperament, cobs have short and strong legs, large feet and short backs enabling them to carry heavy riders. Cobs are about strength rather than speed, and they have great stamina.

Riding pony

Different breeds can be mixed to give the riding pony. Normally the mixture may contain native pony breeds and Thoroughbreds. Most have more Thoroughbred in them than others do, and are often used for showing as opposed to riding. At competition, ponies are grouped according to their height. They have muscular hindquarters which suits them for a range of different activities.


The Thoroughbred is a breed and not actually a type. They are excellent race horses. A lot of time, effort and money has been put into their breeding over the years. With long legs and strong hindquarters, their speed is second to none. Their sloped shoulders and deep chest give room for their heart and allow for a long stride.


Hunters have great stamina and speed. Their are great jumpers and gallopers, and their bravery is unmatched. Most of the best hunters around today originated from Ireland. They have well angled hocks and well-sloped shoulders allowing them to gallop and jump with ease.