Weatherbeeta Horse Rugs

Whatever the weather, WeatherBeeta horse rugs have been protecting horses, ponies and foals all over the world for over thirty years. WeatherBeeta not only manufacture but also design horse attire - using progressive and innovative designs and materials of the highest quality - and it is with great pride that WeatherBeeta claim to have become one of the world's leading equestrian brands.

"WeatherBeeta are not a fly by night their history over the last three decades proves...and they are constantly working on new ideas and bringing forward exciting and innovative products to market."

WeatherBeeta horse clothing is designed to fit your horse not only as comfortably as possible, but also as safely and securely too. This means that you can be rest assured that your horse has complete and utter protection while you are away, and you can relax knowing that the clothing will remain in place, all day long.

Extensive Range

WeatherBeeta provide a wide range of products for your horse, from foal to fully grown adult, covering many different types of horse rugs, not only for use outdoors, but also rugs for stabling, too.

In actual fact, WeatherBeeta also manufacture blankets/rugs for dogs, too! WeatherBeeta Rugs/Blankets are available in a variety of fillings to suit the season, the location and more importantly, of course, which cater for your particular horse's needs. For example Weather-Beeta rugs/sheets also are available as a lightweight alternative, without any filling for use in warmer climates or milder weather conditions.

Let's Get Technical

  • WeatherBeeta blankets/rugs are Waterproof, their outer fabric being totally waterproof and of such a specification that it ensures durability over long periods.
  • WeatherBeeta blankets/rugs are Breathable, the fabric allowing sweat and excess moisture to pass through it to the air outside.
  • WeatherBeeta blankets/rugs are Resourceful and Adaptable, with the versatile Detach a Neck option allowing you to remove the neck when the weather is warmer, or attach it for when the days are cooler.
  • Some WeatherBeeta products have a Repel Shell feature, which is a coating which repels water and dirt yet still retains maximum breathable and waterproof qualities.


Your WeatherBeeta blanket/rug will provide you with many years of satisfaction, and is particularly easy to look after. At the end of each season, and more often as required, you should wash your WeatherBeeta garment, remembering to remove any surplus mud or dirt with a stiff brush prior to washing it.

After that it really is only a matter of washing on a gentle cycle in your washing machine, or washing by hand - whichever you prefer. WeatherBeeta suggests that you only use a cool wash temperature so as not to compromise the breathable and waterproof coating.

Then all is required is for you to hang the rug/blanket on the line - it really is that simple.

In Summary

Your horse will no doubt be your pride and joy and a much loved member of your family. Why not allow him to experience the exceptional protection, reliable fit and most importantly comfort that only a WeatherBeeta horse rug or blanket can afford?

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever the weather conditions, there is bound to be a WeatherBeeta rug or blanket that is perfect for your horse. Guaranteed!

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