Best Pet Insurance

We only want what's best for our pets. Sometimes, we tend to overspend for our furry friends. If you come to think of it, we spend way too much on our pets! The vet trips, food, toys, clothes, grooming and all the other essentials can add up to vast amounts of money over time.

Even though there are millions of pet owners all over UK, most of them do not actually have any form of pet insurance. This is a worry considering that pet owners treat their pets as part of the family. Just as we look after our health by having insurances and the NHS, our pets must also be looked after as well with pet insurance.

Vet bills have increased dramatically in recent years. Pet owners must realize that these bills are costly and thus, the importance of insurance is understood. You can never tell when your pet will get sick or meet an accident. It is always important to be prepared.

There are a lot of choices for pet insurance in the UK. Insurance companies help pet owners to manage the cost of maintaining a pet as a result of illness or injury. There are insurance plans that you can choose from and they vary in quality and features. So if you are not sure, you can always compare one policy with another. Check if the company answers the needs of your pet. Below are some insurance companies that you can choose from.

Which is the best pet insurance provider?

That depends on a number of things. Their cost, level of cover, customer service and many more factors.

Healthy Pets Insurance is one of the best pet insurance companies in the pet insurance industry. They pride themselves to have the highest renewal rates compared to other providers. They have insurance policies that cover ongoing conditions as compared to others who only offer one year coverage for a treatment. They offer dog insurance, cat insurance, kitten insurance, and puppy insurance. Healthy Pets has up to 7,500 for each illness.

Petplan is another pet insurance company of choice. They offer pet owners quality coverage that is beyond the traditional services from other insurance companies. Petplan clients get a copy of their customer magazine that goes out twice a year. They also allow paying the vet directly in the case that there is a claim. Depending on the type of coverage you choose, vet fees can range from 3,000 for every condition in 12 months or unlimited per year. They cover dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and exotic.

Tesco is another brand that is offered by the grocery chain. Due to their reputation in the industry, Tesco is also one of the most trusted companies for pet insurance. With Tesco, you do not have to worry even if your pet gets older, the level of cover will not decrease. You can still be sure that your pet's needs are still going to be met.

These are just a few of the best pet insurance providers in the UK. There's plenty of others like MoreThan, Argos, Sainsbury's, ASDA and plenty more too. What makes one company the best for pet insurance for one pet might not be for another.

Choosing the best pet insurance depends on your budget, circumstances and personal preference. Always be sure to ask your friends who they would recommend and do plenty of research.