Horse Rider Insurance

Horse Rider Insurance - Choosing the Right Policy for your Needs

Mention the word "insurance" to most people and they instantly remember their seemingly endless sessions of trawling through the internet trying to obtain quotations, or long convoluted telephone calls providing copious amounts of information...and if you then dare to mention "specialist types of insurance" well...that's a real conversation stopper!

Turning to horse insurance, for example, in the first instance it would be very advisable to sit down and consider what aspects of cover you actually require, as there really is a very wide range of different types of cover, as detailed below later.

Let's face it, no two horses are alike, and therefore horse insurance policies should be as individual as your horse, and it really is worth taking the time and trouble to source the correct policy for your needs.

When seeking a quote remember to ask the relevant questions to find out exactly what is included in the policy; and if a certain aspect of cover is not included, then ask if it can be added on for an extra premium. This sounds very sensible and straightforward, but so many times people do not ask the questions and then just assume that they are covered, when in reality they are not.

"A good motto when searching for horse rider insurance is 'never assume'. Always ask and check whether an element of cover that you require is actually included in your policy. One simple question really could make the difference between a lot of heartache in the event that you need to make a claim".

There are a whole host of companies who specialise in horse insurance, but perhaps the best way to find the company ideally suited to you is to ask your friends at the stables who they are using, and whether they would recommend their services. Word of mouth is by far the best type of recommendation after all.

Different Types of Cover

As with a car where you can have various levels of insurance, for example third party, fire and theft, the same is true of equestrian insurance, whereby you can have many different aspects of insurance cover including:

Death of Horse

This covers death from accident, disease or illness - one thing to check out in this regard is whether an accident in transit would be covered.

Personal Accident

This covers not only you, but anyone who is riding your horse with your permission. Check out the finer details of the policy as some will even cover you and your immediate family for any dental treatment required as a result of a riding accident.

Theft and Straying

You must report the position to the Police and if your horse has been missing for thirty days then you are able to claim on your policy.

Vets Fees

Here you are taking out insurance to cover any large vet's bills you may encounter. There can be a limit to the amount you can claim per year depending on the policy you choose.

Loss of Use

If your horse has an accident but does not have to be put down then the insurance company will pay anything from 60% to 100% of the sum insured; the amount actually depends on the cover purchased and the specific circumstances. Some insurance companies are demanding that a 5 Stage Vets Certificate is obtained irrespective of the value of your horse, before they will insure for Loss of Use.

Trailers and Horse Drawn Vehicles

These policies only usually cover any damage to the trailer or drawn vehicle. They do not pay out to third parties, and will not cover damage to other property or vehicles - this should be added to your vehicle insurance.

Public Liability

This is an absolute necessity as public liability will protect you from claims made by other people. Some insurance companies levy an excess on the cover if there is damage to property. It should be noted that if you are a member of the British Horse Society or British Show Jumping Association, then your annual membership will include an amount for public liability insurance cover within your membership fee.

As you can see from the above, getting the correct policy to suit your own individual needs can appear to be something of a minefield, but if you sit down and consider exactly what you require before you commence searching for quotations, then your job will be made easier in the long run.

Happy Riding!