Welcome to our pet rabbits section. Whether you are a rabbit owner, rabbit lover or thinking about getting a pet rabbit; then this is the place for you! We have loads of information on rabbits for you to enjoy getting your teeth into!

Owning a pet rabbit is great fun but also a great responsibility. It isn't just the love and attention that your pet rabbit gets that's important. It's the care and commitment too. Rabbits need care and attention every day to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Given the right care, attention and freedom, rabbits make a delightful, fun and adorable pet.

Rabbit toys
Every rabbit needs stimulation and exercise to be healthy and happy. One or more rabbit toys does the trick nicely. Here's a fun introduction to rabbit toys just for you!

Rabbit bowls
Rabbit bowls come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Whether it's for drinking water or eating food, a rabbit bowl or two is essential for a happy bunny!

Rabbit litter trays
Your pet rabbit will need to pee and poop - a litter tray is the perfect solution! Here's an introduction to litter trays for rabbits!

Rabbit water bottles
Rabbits need fresh water and a rabbit bottle can provide just that. Easy to fit and clean, rabbit water bottle are handy little contraptions for your bunny to sip from!

Pens and play pens for rabbits
Rabbit pens and play pens offer your rabbit a safe place to stretch their legs and can be used indoors or outdoors. Here's a quick introduction to rabbit play pens.