Before You Buy a Rabbit

Rabbits are cuddly, fun and fascinating animals. This makes owning a rabbit great fun. But there is more to it that that. Rabbits need care and attention on a daily basis to ensure they are healthy and happy. Here are just a few things you should think about before you buy a rabbit.

Owning a rabbit can be a great pleasure but also a great responsibility. It is important to note the following points before you buy a rabbit to make sure both you and your rabbit are happy together.

Rabbits need feeding!

Your rabbit will need feeding twice every day. Although their food might be relatively cheap, you should think about this.

Rabbits need a house (and space!)

You will need to think about the hutch before you buy a rabbit. Your rabbit hutch must be secure and of good quality. It should be the right size. These aren't cheap! Try reading our guide on choosing a rabbit hutch. Rabbit hutches must be cleaned regularly.

Rabbit exercise

Just like us, rabbits need exercise to keep healthy. You should give your rabbit exercise every day in their safe (and preferably grassy) area.

Which breed should I choose?

Choosing the right rabbit breed is important when you buy a rabbit. Obviously they vary in size and weight. If you have children, a smaller breed may be more suitable.

Rabbits need care

Rabbits need care every day. You should think about this when buying a rabbit. If you go away on holiday, a friend or neighbour will need to do this for you. If your rabbit becomes unwell, then a trip the vets will be necessary - this involves time and cost.

Owning a rabbit can be a real joy. Before you buy a rabbit, however, think about it's needs for love, care, exercise and attention. You should consider the costs too - buying a hutch, buying food and paying for vet fees if necessary.

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