Cheap Rabbit Hutches

Cheap rabbit hutches don't have have to be poor quality. If you know what to look for and where to find them, you can save yourself a lot of money by buying a cheap rabbit hutch!

Price shouldn't be the most important consideration when buying a rabbit hutch - you should think about the size and quality of the hutch and how suitable it is for both your rabbit's needs and yours. But buying a cheap rabbit hutch can save you a great deal of money!

Shop around online

These days, rabbit hutches can easily be 100 pounds and upwards. That's a lot of money. Firstly, your best bet is to simply shop around for a cheap rabbit hutch. There are hundreds of online pet shops that sell rabbit hutches - why not take a look at a few and find the cheapest rabbit hutch available?

Shop locally

If you live near pet shops or garden centres, there's often a bargain to be had there. Many independent shops will sell cheaper rabbit hutches than national pet shop chains do. Many of them will be individually hand made, or will be made to order.

Compare prices and do your homework. If size is your most important factor, then see which the cheapest rabbit hutches are at the size you are after.

Buy a second hand hutch

Whilst we don't necessarily recommend buying cheap second hand rabbit hutches, they can sometimes be hidden gems. Check your local newspaper or shop windows for people who are selling their rabbit hutches.

If you buy a cheap second hand rabbit hutch, be sure to check it out first. Look for wear and tear and decide whether it can be repaired - normally it's easy. Remember to disinfect and clean a cheap second hand rabbit cage thoroughly before you take it home for bunny!

You normally get what you pay for...

Please remember that cheap rabbit hutches can often be poor quality, hazardous to your bunny and simply too small. However, using our tips, you can easily save money when buying a rabbit hutch!

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