Choosing a rabbit hutch

Your rabbit will spend a lot of time in their hutch so it must be comfortable and spacious. Selecting the right rabbit hutch will help ensure your pet rabbit is happy and healthy. Here is our guide to choosing a rabbit hutch.

What size should a rabbit hutch be?

Your rabbit or rabbits should have plenty of room in their hutch. A hutch for one or two medium or small rabbits should be no less that 180cm wide x 60cm high and 60cm deep.

Larger rabbits will need a bigger sized hutch. One or two large-sized rabbits will need a bigger hutch about 180cm wide by 90cm high by 90cm deep.

All of the compartments in a rabbit hutch should give them ample space to sit or sleep in comfort, with extra room for hay or other bedding.

You should also consider the height when choosing a rabbit hutch. Your rabbit hutch should be raised on legs ideally to about the height of a normal table. This will make accessing the hutch easier and make rising damp less likely.

What should it be made of?

We would recommend choosing a rabbit hutch that is made of a timber frame with boarding in between. To stop your rabbits nibbling and gnawing at the timber, the interior can be lined which is also great for insulation. The outside of the hutch should be protected with paint or safe varnish. The inside should not be painted in case it's unsafe for the rabbits.

Easy access is important

Easy access to the inside of the rabbit hutch is important. You should always choose a rabbit hutch with doors to both the 'day' compartment and 'sleeping' compartment. Always double check that the hinges and/or catches are good quality and fitted well!

Multi-level rabbit hutches

Choosing a rabbit hutch with more than one level can be a good idea as they offer more space. This is especially handy if you are keeping more than one rabbit in the same hutch. Many multi-level rabbit hutches will have a ramp allowing your little bunnies to flop up and downstairs at their leisure.

These ramps can also be used in front of the hutch door to let them stroll down into their own enclosure when they choose.

Choosing the right rabbit hutch is important for your rabbit's health, happiness and wellbeing. By following our simple tips you should end up with a great rabbit hutch!

Some pet owners are tempted to buy cheap rabbit hutches, but beware. They may not be the right size or quality. If you want to save money but not choose a poor rabbit hutch, read our guide to buying cheap rabbit hutches.

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