Cleaning a rabbit hutch

Cleaning out your rabbit's hutch is a really important part of your care routine. Ensuring your rabbit and it's hutch are clean will help your rabbit's health and comfort. Here is our quick guide to cleaning a rabbit hutch.

The amount of cleaning you will need to do in the rabbit hutch will depend on how much it is used. Rabbits do a lot of urinating, so if your rabbits are in their hutch every day, you will need to do basic cleaning every day.

Although rabbits are naturally very clean little creatures, it is essential that you keep their hutch clean. There are different tasks which are part of your rabbit hutch cleaning routine.

Clean the hutch daily

Rabbits will tend to use one corner or area of the hutch as their lavatory. This are should be kept clean on a daily basis. To make your life easier, corner-boxes can be used for the rabbit's toilet which can be removed and cleaned separately.

Change the floor litter

At least twice a week you should change the floor litter in your rabbit hutch. This should be more frequently if you have young rabbits in the hutch - perhaps every day. Simply use a brush to sweep the litter into a bag or bucket and then replace. - easy!

New bedding please!

You should replace the rabbit's hutch bedding every 10 to 14 days - your rabbit won't want to sleep in a dirty bed, just like us humans don't!

A deep hutch clean every few months

At least 3 times a year you should give the rabbit hutch a really good clean. We recommend washing it with water and a brush (or sponge) and then fully disinfecting it. Ensure that the disinfectant you use is rabbit safe. Rinse the hutch thoroughly and then allow it to dry well before returning your bunnies!

It is also a good idea to clean the corners, ridges, walls and other nooks and crannies as you see fit. This can be done easily with a small scraper and brush.

Keeping your rabbit hutch clean is really important. Follow our tips and you are sure to have a comfy bunny in a healthy and clean house!

TIP! Try putting a layer of absorbent paper under the litter on the hutch floor. This will keep the base dry and less likely to become unhygienic and more difficult to clean.

Remember that some rabbit hutches are easier to clean than others, especially if they have a hinged roof and access doors. Find out more on how to choose a rabbit hutch.

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