Handling Your Rabbit

A new rabbit is great fun, but it is important to give it time to settle in to its' new home. A new rabbit will need peace and quiet as it is quite a traumatic time.

Providing your new rabbit with food and water without handling for a couple of day will help him/her get used to you, without the shock and stress of being handled so early.

Helping Your Rabbit to Get Used to Handling

Once your rabbit seems to be used to its' new surroundings, you can start to make contact!

In the early stages, ensure that you talk to your rabbit when you approach its' home in soft tones, and don't make any sudden movements! You could even try offering your rabbit a treat so that it gets used to your hands. At this point you can try to stroke your rabbit, which most of them love!

If you want to get your rabbit out of the hutch, be very careful. Rabbits like to explore on foot, so if you can, settle your rabbit on the floor. As you make progress, try holding the rabbit on your lap for some lovely cuddles!

Getting your rabbit used to human contact can be a slow process, but done properly will ensure you have a sociable and loving pet.

How to Pick Up a Rabbit

Once your rabbit is used to being handled, and you need to pick it up, it is important to do it correctly.

When you pick your rabbit up, your must support its' hindquarters to avoid badly hurting its' back. If you leave the rabbits' legs to dangle, it will damage its' spine if it tries to kick out.

The best way to pick your rabbit up is to gently a big scruff of its' loose skin from behind its' neck, and pick up the rabbit using your other hand which should be placed between the hind legs. If you are unsure, remember to always consult your vet - rabbits are very delicate little things.

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