Rabbit Beds

You probably knew that you can buy beds for dogs and cats, but did you know you can also get rabbit beds? That's right - rabbit beds are becoming very popular amongst bunny owners! They are the perfect place for any rabbit to snuggle up in the ultimate comfort.

Whether in an indoor rabbit hutch, outdoor rabbit hutch or on the floor in the house next to you, a rabbit bed is the perfect place for any bunny to take time out for some warmth and comfort.

Whilst your rabbit bedding might be straw or hay, any rabbit is sure to appreciate a little luxury from time to time. Whether it's a flat rabbit bed, igloo rabbit bed, a fleece rabbit bed or a plush rabbit bed they are sure to be really comfortable.

How much do rabbit beds cost?

Not a lot! They are generally a lot cheaper than cat and dog beds as they are smaller. You can buy a good quality rabbit bed for under £15 or even as cheap as £10 if you shop around. There's some great deals on rabbit beds at Amazon for example.

Quite often you will get what you pay for with rabbit beds, just as you would with most other things. Whether you go for the well-known brands like Rosewood, Boredom Breakers, Trixie and Superpet, or a brand you haven't heard of, just be sure to do your research. If buying online, read reviews, if buying in a shop, inspect the quality and ask a member of staff about it too.

Which rabbit bed should I choose?

Whilst budget should be one thing to consider, size is obviously very important too! You don't want to end up with a rabbit bed that's too small for your furry friend otherwise it probably won't even get used. Check the size of the rabbit bed before you buy it.

There's quite a few different types of rabbit beds to choose from too. There's different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. It's best to choose a rabbit bed that you like the look, or one that you think your rabbit will like the look of!

Of course it's up to you what colour you choose. You got a chance to be super stylish here and choose a rabbit bed to match the colour of your rabbit's other accessories. Pink? Blue? Red? There's a huge choice.

Choosing a rabbit bed with a wipe-clean base is always handy as the underside can get quite grubby if used on the floor or in a hutch. Many rabbit beds are also machine washable which makes it nice and easy to keep them fresh and clean. If you intend to use the rabbit bed both indoors and outdoors, make sure that it designed for you to do so.

We give rabbit beds the thumbs up! They are comfy, warm and stylish making for a happy and relaxed rabbit. A bit of luxury goes a long way!

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