Rabbit Bowls

When it comes to our pets, we like to think we at least get the simple things right. Even with something as basic as a rabbit bowl - there's still plenty to consider. Before you rush out and buy the first rabbit bowl you see, it's worth reading this Loving Your Pet guide to make sure your rabbit stays a happy bunny!

Rabbit bowls are a good way to contain food or water in either a hutch or free range area. A water bowl is arguably a more natural way for your rabbit to drink when compared to a water bottle, but problems arise with mess and spillage. With this in mind, it's important to position the bowl away from bedding and loose food.

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A. Make a noise like a carrot...! (all complaints must be in writing)

When choosing a bowl, it's important to remember lighter weight plastic bowls are easily tipped over and vulnerable to being nibbled on. China bowls are easy to clean but also easily broken, with sharp edges an obvious nuisance to your bunny's health. For these reasons, most rabbit bowls are made out of bite resistant ceramic, making them hygienic and easy to clean. Some bowls have an anti-tip base to help prevent slips and spills.

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You can expect to spend anything from a couple of quid to as much as ten pounds on a rabbit bowl - the better quality bowls having the fatter price tags. You'll find loads of quirky designs and styles (if that's your thing), all part of a massive range available by searching online, alternatively, you might choose to visit your nearest pet store, or perhaps your local vet's practice will be able to recommend one.

A quick recap for all you bunny lovers;

  • Keep your rabbit's water and food bowls away from it's bedding and loose food to stop them from being soiled.
  • Ceramic bowls are popular for their hardiness and hygiene.
  • Whether you're using a rabbit bowl for food, water or both, make sure it's cleaned and topped up on a daily basis.
  • If your rabbit bowl is chipped or damaged, it's time to buy a new one.

And remember...you get what you pay for!

...that's all folks!

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