Litter Training Your Rabbit

So How Do I Litter Train My Rabbit?!

Litter training your rabbit is relatively easy - that's the good news. So if you have a house rabbit that you need to litter train, this is the place to learn how.

Starting Your Rabbit Litter Training

To start with, your rabbit should be confined to a small area - for example a cage, or a sectioned-off corner of a room. Place a litter box here and put some litter in it. Remember that the rabbit needs to be able to get into the litter box so make sure its' sides aren't too high. This first stage is important - if you allow it to go to the toilet in more than one place, it will continue to do so!


If your rabbit chooses to go to the toilet in another place, we would recommend moving the litter box to that place, as it will likely choose to go there every time. Once your rabbit has used the litter tray a few times, you can expand the area that it can roam. You may need to position other rabbit litter trays as it finds its' preference.

Over time you should learn your rabbits' favourite place to go to the toilet, so go with the flow. It won't take long for the rabbit to be fully litter trained and use the same litter tray every time. Along the way, it can help to put some of your rabbits' droppings in the tray to point them in the right direction.

Oh, and don't worry if your rabbit spends a lot of time in their litter tray - this is fairly normal!

Choosing a Rabbit Litter

It is a good idea to use natural or organic litter for your rabbit, as other products may be very harmful if your rabbit decides to eat them! Try litter made from recycled wood or paper. Some rabbit owners use hay for their litter.


Rabbit litter training should be quite straight forward. Don't use any punishment, just encouragement. Observing their favoured places to go to the toilet is crucial.

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