Thermal Rabbit Hutch Covers

In the wild, rabbits have cosy burrows to snuggle down into when it's cold, wet or windy - and plenty of rabbit companions to cuddle up to! But our pet rabbits don't have a snug burrow, and they may be short of bunny buddies too. That's where thermal rabbit hutch covers come in!

What is a thermal rabbit hutch cover?

Rabbit hutch covers are waterproof, dustproof covers made from breathable material, and designed to fit over the outside of your rabbit hutch. They protect your rabbits from the wind and rain, and help to retain some of the heat inside the hutch. Thermal rabbit hutch covers go a step further, with insulation to ensure that your rabbits stay warm even when it's chilly outside.

Designs vary, but most have some transparent sections so that your rabbits aren't completely deprived of light or a view, and sections that open with a zip or Velcro fastening to allow easy access to your bunnies. We've chosen what we believe is the best thermal rabbit hutch cover currently on the market below, but here are our tips on choosing the right one for you.

Choosing the right thermal rabbit hutch cover

There are plenty of high-quality thermal rabbit hutch covers to choose from, made my well-known companies such as Bluebell, Feel Good, Foxglove and Bunny Business. So how can you choose the right cover to suit your hutch, your bunny and your budget?

Choose the right size cover

This may sound obvious, but while some hutches are standard sizes and standard size hutch covers should fit, unusually shaped or larger hutches might need a bespoke thermal rabbit hutch cover. A 5ft thermal rabbit hutch cover is the most popular size, but most companies produce 4ft and 6ft versions too, and you'll find varieties that fit both single and double-storey hutches.

Assess how easy it is to use and how well it works

How easy it is to put on and remove? How well is it secured? Will it keep your bunnies warm and dry?

The best way to get a reliable answer to these questions is by reading reviews from people who have bought the cover and used it for a while. Twenty minutes spent in the wind and rain struggling with a hutch cover that keeps lifting off and wrapping itself around their head tends to make people brutally honest!

Check out the hutch cover's features

Different models have varying levels of insulation and waterproofing, so always read descriptions carefully to ensure the thermal rabbit hutch cover you pick meets your requirements. Are there zipped panels in the right places to allow you to get your rabbit out when you need to - without removing the whole cover? Is there a transparent 'window' so that your rabbit can still get a good view of the outside world, and a window cover to help block out alarming sights and sounds at night?

Our favourite bestselling thermal rabbit hutch cover

We think the best thermal rabbit hutch cover on the market right now is this Universal Double Hutch Cover, available on Amazon at a great price with free delivery.

This black hutch cover fits all hutches with a roof size of 122x105x50cm (48inL x 41.3in H x 19.7in D) or under, with or without legs, including Bunny Business Models BB-48-DDU, BB-48-DDL, BB-48-DDL-TR.

Made of tough, durable 210D oxford fabric, it's waterproof, dustproof and breathable, ensuring your rabbit stays dry, comfortable and warm. Strong ties keep it firmly secured and a transparent panel at the front lets your rabbits keep an eye on what's going on outside. This panel can be unzipped, and then rolled up and secured either fully or halfway. Reviewers love how easy it is to fit and use, and how snuggly it keeps their bunnies!

Frequently asked questions

Should you cover a rabbit hutch at night?

Rabbit hutch covers cannot only keep your rabbits cosy and dry, but also help protect them from predators. They can help your rabbit feel safe, too, as though they are in a burrow. So it's a good idea to cover their hutch at night, especially in the winter.

Where can I buy a thermal rabbit hutch cover?

Thermal rabbit hutch covers are on sale in many pet and general stores such as Pets at Home and through online retailers such as Amazon.

How do I make a rabbit hutch cover?

It can be hard to make a safe, effective DIY thermal rabbit hutch cover from the materials that are readily available. Foil backed bubble wrap is a good insulator and of course, duct tape is well-known for its strength, but it can be hard to get the fit right, and to properly ventilate your DIY cover for your rabbit's safety. You may end up spending far more money than if you purchased a purpose-made, reasonably priced cover from a trusted brand.

Ready to buy a thermal rabbit hutch cover?

There's a lot of choice out there, so if you're unsure which cover to settle on, search for 'thermal rabbit hutch cover' on Amazon to see a wide range of covers and read reviews from purchasers. Good luck!

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