Vivariums for Sale: Find the Right Vivarium

The most common reptile housing is the reptile vivarium. This is where your reptile will be spending most of its life so it is very important that when choosing vivariums for sale, choose one of high quality.

The type of vivarium that you will buy will depend on the type of reptile that is going to live in it. The size of the vivarium will depend on how big your reptile is. Larger ones will obviously need a longer or taller vivarium in cases where the reptile likes to climb. Research the type of habitat that your reptile has so that you will be able to choose the right vivarium.

Here are some general rules when choosing a vivarium:

  1. In order to keep a stable flow of air into the vivarium, put at least 2 vents. You do not want your reptile to run out of air.
  2. For glass vivariums, remember that very thin glass can easily break especially when you are cleaning it.
  3. As a general rule, get a big vivarium - as big as you can afford. In this way, you will have enough space when your reptile grows. You do not want to keep on changing vivariums every time your reptile outgrows its habitat.
  4. Make sure that the heating inside is just right. Measure the temperature and check if it is the best temperature to the reptile that you have.

Glass Vivariums

For reptiles that are living in water such as fish and turtles, the glass vivarium is perfect. The glass vivarium has a wire mesh on top that serves as the ventilation for the animal inside. The ventilation top can have a light or heating unit.

Just make sure that your reptile does not overheat. Place a shelter inside the vivarium so that your reptile can hide from any stressors that may scare them.

Plastic Vivariums

This type of vivarium is too small if a reptile is already an adult. If you are going to use this kind of vivarium, just make sure that the reptile will not outgrow it.

Wooden Vivarium

For lizard type pets, a wooden vivarium is best since lizards are agoraphobic. They will not run into the wall because they can see the walls unlike the lizards found in glass vivariums. Lizards are more comfortable in wooden housing because wood is a part of their normal environment.

Wood is a great insulator so you can save on your electricity bill. The heater in a wooden vivarium can easily keep the cage warm without exerting too much energy.

Wire Reptile Vivariums

If you are going to house chameleons, this is the best vivarium to choose. This vivarium has a wire mesh around a wooden frame. Although it might be difficult to control the temperature in this case, your pet will get plenty of fresh air and you can easily view your pet. Make sure that the wire mesh is woven tightly so that your pet cannot escape.

There are many vivariums for sale both online and offline. In order to pick the right one, research on the kind of reptile that you have and that will be your basis in buying the right vivarium.

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