Green Iguana Care and Introduction

This article looks at the Green Iguana as a pet. We examine the ease of keeping this type of lizard as a pet, what the right type of environment is and how and what you should be feeding them. We will also look at the tricky issue of handling your green iguana.


Iguanas are large tree-climbing lizards that feed on leaves and flowers. They come in all variety of colours and you can expect your iguana to live for around 10 - 15 years.

The Correct Environment

Iguanas require a large amount of space, and they are not recommended for the novice. Height of the vivarium should be one of the primary considerations. Many iguana owners use a small room or walk in vivaria, incorporating double sliding glass doors.

Always kept on their own, green iguanas require sturdy branches and climbing areas and the floor should be covered with wood chips, leaf litter and newspaper. There should be logs to retreat to and an area of shade. A basking area kept at a temperature of 30 degrees centigrade is essential. Green iguanas enjoy being sprayed with a water mist, but please make sure that the vivarium doesn't get too damp! The water mist will aid when they shed their skin.

Handling your Green Iguana

Handling varies and some iguanas can be walked on a lead, but this is the exception, not the rule. Some green iguanas will never be comfortable being handled and you should take care because their claws can tear human flesh. Some young iguanas may shed their tail for defensive reasons, but this ability is lost when they reach adulthood.

Feeding you Green Iguana

Being herbivores, you should offer your green iguana food every 48 hours. They eat a wide range of foods including fruits, leaves and vegetables. Make sure that you remove any uneaten food for them vivarium form the previous feeding session. There should always be fresh, clean water available.

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