Royal Python Care and Introduction

This article looks at the Royal Python as a pet. We examine the ease of keeping this type of snake as a pet, what the right type of environment is and how and what you should be feeding them.


The royal python is found in the wild in West Africa. They live alone and hunt in the dark. The royal python is a good snake for beginners to snake keeping as they are tame and adapt to being pets very well. Often, if snakes are nervous they react aggressively, however the royal python will simply curl up. They remain one of the easiest snakes to keep as they rarely grow beyond 2 metres in length.

The Correct Environment

As a juvenile you may wish to keep your python in a smaller vivarium as they feel safer at this age in a smaller space. Several royal pythons can be kept together in one vivarium without conflict. If you keep a snake on its own, it won't get lonely.

Royal pythons really enjoy the fresh air so you should ensure that the vivarium is well ventilated. The temperature in the vivarium should be kept in the range of between 24 - 30 degrees centigrade. Give your royal python some logs or other furniture to hide under/behind, and the floor should be covered with either newspaper or wood bark.

Most pythons will enjoy the occasional bath and mist spraying from time-to-time is advisable, with a humidity chamber placed within the vivarium. The mist spray will help with the skin shedding process.

Handling your Royal Python

Royal pythons are easy to handle, but please be careful with them and make sure that you support their full body weight. The python will wrap itself around you when you handle it, but don't worry too much about this.

Tip: - If you feel that the snake is wrapping itself too tightly around you, then simply reach for the tail of the snake. When holding the tail it is generally fairly easy to simply unwrap the snake. Just be sure to supervise young children if they are handling the snake.

Feeding your Royal Python

Juveniles should be fed every 6-12 days. Adults should be offered food every 10-14 days. It is not unusual for snakes to refuse food for weeks or even months, but if you are concerned, please contact a local vet for advice. Food usually takes the form of small rodents.

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