Choosing a Dog Kennel

It's important to provide your dog with a safe and comfortable living environment. There's a few things to consider when buying a dog kennel. By following our tips and advice on choosing a dog kennel it won't be difficult.

Size and shape

It's never a bad thing to have a kennel that's too big for your dog. A big kennel will give your dog plenty of space to live in. A small kennel can lead to unhappiness and insecurity. A dog in a small kennel will be anxious and unhappy.

So it's vitally important to choose a dog kennel that has plenty of room. If your garden or yard is too small to fit a dog kennel in then you will probably need to re-think your strategy.

When choosing a dog kennel size, you should consider the size of your dog, the energy level of your dog, and how many dogs will share the enclosure. Larger dogs and dogs with higher energy levels will need larger kennels.

You should buy the largest kennel that both space and money can buy. Anything too small is cruel.


Another important consideration is how much your dog will use the kennel. If it's a place that your dog will stay in for extended periods, then you should ensure it is of a good quality. Perhaps even ensure it's heated or insulated for the cold weather.

The longer your dog spends in it's kennel, the more and more important it is that it is not only spacious but comfortable too.


There's normally a few choices here. Dog kennels are normally either hard plastic, wood or metal. Go with whatever you feel is the longer lasting and feels the most sturdy. If your dog loves to chew everything and anything, then it might be advisable to choose a kennel made of hard plastic.

If you choose a metal dog kennel, then it's important to check that it is coated or galvanised. This will help to stop rust.


When you have chosen your kennel it might be worth checking if it arrives in one already-assembled unit. This isn't that common as 'flat-pack' kennels are now quite popular. This is fine if you are happy putting it up yourself. These days there are modular kennels too, which arrive in sections that you put together. Slightly easier than the flat-pack version.

Alternatively you could build your own dog kennel. It's important to know this isn't as easy task and you should be very confident with your handywork skills to ensure the end product is the right size and quality.

You should think carefully when choosing a dog kennel. Size and quality are crucial to the happiness and healthiness of your dog.

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