Winter Dog Coats

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Most dogs will really feel the cold this winter. To keep them happy and warm, your pooch will need a winter dog coat during the chilly months.

We all know how cold the winter can be, and dogs can feel it too, even with their own coat of fur! It is very important to keep your dog warm so here is some useful advice on choosing a winter dog coat.

Which Type of Winter Dog Coat?

Dog coats come in all different styles and materials, not to mention sizes and colours.

Most dog coats create a layer of insulation between the dog body and the inside of the coat. This insulation helps to keep the dog nice and warm on a cold winter day.

Winter dog coats also protect dogs from those biting and icy winter winds which are always unpleasant! A dog coat will also help keep your dog dry during rainy weather. Remember that if a dog's natural coat gets wet, it can take a long time to dry. If it does, a wet dog can take a very long time to warm up.

Winter Dog Coat Features

Many dog coats these days are machine washable, making for easy cleaning. They tend to get very dirty when the ground is wet and sludgy from snow and ice. Also, when choosing a dog coat, try and get one with fastenings or locks. This will help ensure the coat will not slide off your dog when you are out on a cold walk. Ideally look for a waterproof outer layer and a soft, warm inside layer.

Dog Coats are Important

The winter is always cold, and you dog will feel it. It is worthwhile buying your winter dog coat well in advance of the drop in seasonal temperatures, just to be prepared.

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