Puppy training pads

Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting time - but it can also be quite messy! House training your new little friend is no easy task but fortunately, there are plenty of products on the market that can ease the process for both of you.

If you haven't discovered training pads yet, it's high time you did. They're a great way to protect your furniture and floors while teaching your puppy about remembering to 'go' in certain places rather than others. They're so much better than using newspaper while house training, trust us!

Moisture absorbency

Good quality puppy training pads will be extra-absorbent so look for this in the product description. Bumper packs are widely available but you need to be able to get some decent use out of each one so opt for thicker designs. The absorbent material within the pads will be designed to dry up urine as quickly as possible.

Some pads even have colour-changing technology so you'll be alerted when it's time to change. You don't want to have to feel it for yourself!


You will also find that most pads contain a special scent that you probably won't be able to detect - but Fido certainly will.

The scent attracts dogs to the area where the mat is placed, encouraging them to make their deposits in the same area each time and limiting the amount of cleaning up you have to do.

Leak resistant

When shopping for pads, make sure you find ones that have a leak resistant base to protect your carpets and furniture. Some pads also come with a non-slip feature so that your pup won't find themselves sliding about while they do their business.


Training pads come in a variety of sizes according to your breed and where you're planning on training them.

You can buy smaller pads to protect seat covers and steps during the early stages, while larger pads can be found that can cover your pup's favourite spot by the back door or the boot of your car if you're going on your travels together.

If you find that the pads you've bought are a little on the small side, you can usually lay them side by side to create a surface area that's more useful for you.

Price range

There are lots of training pads on the market that vary in price and quality. A lot of them come in bumper packs so you can save money by buying in bulk. As a guide, you can get a pack of 20 pads for under £10 and a pack of 100 for between £25-30. These pads tend to offer all the features you will need.

It's worth buying a small pack to start with, just in case your puppy doesn't take to the pads (we all know how contrary they can be sometimes!) and then purchase in bulk once your puppy is used to them. But most owners report great success with using puppy training pads.

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