Extendable Dog Leads

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Are you taking your dog for a walk, or is he taking you? If you're fed up of being dragged around the park at a rate of knots or not being able to give your dog the adventure they crave, then it's time you looked into getting an extendable dog lead.

They're brilliant for giving your dog loads of freedom to roam without having to let them completely off the lead. This is a particular bonus if your local dog walking area doesn't allow dogs off the lead, or if you have a little Houdini who will vanish at the sight of the first cat. Maybe you've never used one before - don't panic - they are really easy to operate! You'll get the hang of it in no time and your dog will love you for it.

Lead forth

Extending dog leads are fully retractable which means that the minute you've decided your dog needs to come to heel, it will happen. This is very useful particularly when crossing busy roads. But once you're out in the open, give your dog a longer lead so they can bounce about without dragging you alongside.

These leads have a winding mechanism inside which you operate with your thumb - just let go when you want to allow more length, and press down when you don't. They are lockable too, so if you need to keep your pup close to you while walking along a busy pavement for example, then just lock it to the shortest length to keep them at heel.

Puppy love

Retractable leads are a great tool for training a puppy too. You can give as much or as little length as you need to keep your new friend in check. And if you've more than one dog then Y or V shaped leads are also available meaning you can walk multiple dogs on one lead.

When shopping for an extendable dog lead, make sure you find one with the right amount of length. They can vary from a few metres long to 9 or 10m. They're also available in a wide range of colours so if you're into your colour coordination you're sure to find something that suits your scheme! They generally have a plastic handle and the lead itself is usually rope.

Convenient collars

Your dog will need a collar to which you can attach the lead. A basic one will do, you don't need anything flash or expensive. However if your pup is the adventurous type it might be as well to find one that releases if they get trapped.

Extendable leads, sometimes known as flexi leads, are the ultimate accessory for any dog walker. It takes all the stress out of walking a dog on a lead. They offer complete peace of mind for every dog owner and walker and it's no wonder they are so ubiquitous across the land. Your dog will think they have freedom so they'll be happy, but actually you are in full control, so you can stroll with confidence.

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