Should I Buy A Fish Tank Hood?

This article gives you an at-a-glance guide as to why fish tank hoods, also known as a canopy or cover, are a really important piece of kit to have. If you are thinking of setting up a fish tank then please don't scrimp on the cost, read the article below and then consider purchasing a fish tank hood.

Fish tank hoods offer a number of advantages to the fish including: -

  • The protection of a hood provides protection from water from your tank being splashed on the walls and floor.
  • A hood also protects the fish from items falling into the tank. The last thing you want your new light fitting going for a swim!
  • Remember that fish can jump and often do. If you have a hood over your tank then it may just save the life of you most treasured (and expensive) slippery friend.
  • A hidden advantage is that the hood slows down the rate of evaporation from the fish tank. This may not sound like a big advantage, but consider that when water in your saltwater aquarium evaporates the salt stays behind. This means that the remaining water has a higher concentration of salt and can affect the fish negatively. With a hood, the water forms on the underside of the hood and simply drips, or runs, back into the tank.
  • The hood also protects your aquarium lights from water damage and as we all know - water an electrics don't mix!
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