Kitten Safety at Home

Even though as the old saying goes that 'cats have nine lives', the home can present quite a few hazards for a new kitten. Here's a quick list of tips to help ensure your house is as safe as possible for your new kitten.

We all know that 'curiosity killed the cat', so when it comes to an energetic, nosey and crazy kitten at home, it's important to be safe. This is especially true for a new kitten who will give anything to explore their new house.

Watch your feet!

As any cat owner knows, kittens are very small little bundles. They are easy not to notice, especially if they are running around, darting from one room to another. Remember to always look when you go as it's surprisingly easy for a kitten to get under your feet.

Any fast moving kitten, especially one that likes to pull your laces or chew your toes, should be avoided carefully by your and your feet.

Windows and doors

If you do have to have one or more windows open, make sure that they are out of the reach of your kittens. Your kitten will no doubt find an open window fascinating, but this may only lead to an accident.

A slamming door will also cause serious harm to your kitten. Make sure that the door is closed if you aren't certain that a breeze or other family member might slam it shut all of a sudden.

Poisonous plants

Plants that may be poisonous to your kitten should be well out of reach or removed completely. A kitten eating of chewing on a poisonous plant can have fatal consequences.

Cables and wires

Your kitten may unwittingly choose to chew an electrical cable or wire. This may have obvious consequences. Be safe and either put cables out of reach of your kitten or remove them altogether.

Drawers, cupboards and hideouts

Without you even realising, your kitten may decide to crawl into a confined space for a quick nap. If you aren't aware of this, it's easy for a kitten to become trapped or locked into somewhere it shouldn't be. Always keep an eye out for this possibility and make sure that spaces that you don't want your kitten venturing are closed or inaccessible.

Dryers, washers and washing machines

Always remember to close the door to your washer or dryer when you finish using it. If the door is left open, it may present a nice and warm place for your kitten to crawl into for a quick snooze. If you can't be 100% sure that your kitten hasn't climbed inside, always check it thoroughly before using it.

Other small items

In any home there's normally a plethora of other small items lying around. Hair bands, paperclips, coins, sewing kits and so on. All of these small things might prove too much of a temptation for your kitten. Make sure this doesn't happen by clearing them away.

Our kitten home safety tips could go on forever, but we've decided to keep it short and sweet. It's mostly common sense and not much different to making your house safe for a small child or baby. Think about what might be dangerous in the home when a new kitten arrives.

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