Where To Buy A Cat or Kitten

Cats From Rescue Homes

Many cats and kittens become abandoned and end up in a rescue home. Rescue homes do a great job looking after the cats that they take in, caring for them and loving them. This means that these cats are perfect pets waiting for re-homing. Should you choose to go ahead, don't be put off by any paperwork or questions that the rescue centre ask you. They are keen to ensure that their cat is going to a suitable and loving home (which they may want to visit just to be sure!).

Buying A Cat From A Breeder

Another option is to buy a new at or kitten from a breeder. It is important to use a responsible breeder - they may be registered with organisations or advertise professionally. The advantage of buying through a breeder is that it is easier to find out the history of the kitten, and very often you will be able to meet the parents of the cat and see their surroundings. Try and find out about the breeder prior to making any decisions - there are some bad ones around.

Cats For Sale In Pet Shops - Beware

Great care must be taken when choosing cats and kittens in a pet shop. The history of the cat is often not known, and neither is the health, temperament and behaviour. It is also difficult to determine where the cat or kitten has come from - maybe an unplanned pregnancy or poor or cruel breeders. The kittens may have been separated from their mother too early and kept in poor conditions. Kittens and cats in pet shops can sometimes be more expensive than from a top breeder!

When in doubt, do not buy! Do your research before buying a cat!

When you do decide to buy a new cat or kitten, there's quite a few things you'll need to buy before you take the lucky bundle home. Just read our article on the essential things you need to buy for a new kitten.

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