Dog Car Guards

When you're travelling with your dog, it's in everyone's best interests to have a guard between the boot and the rear seat of your car. If only to stop your dog from jumping up excitedly over your shoulder when they spot something exciting (like a paper bag or a lamp post), they're a mighty useful addition.

Why dog guards?

Just as in the home, pets need boundaries in the car for safety's sake. Some dogs do rather have trouble understanding that you don't want a cuddle while you're driving.

Your dog is a part of your family and if you're facing a long journey for a family trip, having a dog clambering all over the kids in the back seat is not ideal. If you can section off the boot area of your car safely and securely, your dog can enjoy its creature comforts - such as a comfy bed and some toys, or the latest JK Rowling - in their own space. And your children won't have to put up with being used as climbing frames for entertainment.

Car guards for dogs are also beneficial to your pet's safety. If you have to make a sudden brake or experience a collision, your dog will be safer in the boot space than unrestrained in the front or back seat.


Car guards (or 'car mesh' as the product is sometimes known) come in a variety of materials. Your choice will depend on the size of your dog - and the strength of its will. If you have a particularly eager pup, you're best off investing in a guard made from welded tubular steel. These are usually extremely sturdy once fitted in place and stand up against even the toughest mutts.

If your dog isn't quite so robust, you could opt for a wire mesh car guard. These are perfectly suitable for smaller dogs that aren't as insistent. You can also buy netting but as you'll expect, this doesn't stand up quite as well against a raid.


Depending on how much you want to spend, there's a huge range of guards to choose from. If you're keen to invest in a top quality guard, you should look for those that are easy to fit and have adjustable parts so that you can fit it securely to your car.

When you first install your new guard, try taking your car for a test run (they won't agree, but we suggest you leave your darling dog at home for this) to make sure the guard doesn't rattle when you're on the move.

There are car guards on the market that are headrest-mounted and adjustable, meaning they are highly likely to fit your car, even if its dimensions are a little awkward. This type of guard is also probably the easiest one to fit - a popular choice for corner-cutters.

If you visit the right retailers (on or offline), you should be able to find car guards that are designed specifically for certain vehicles. The basics of the design will stay the same, but elements will be added on according to your car.

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