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Every pet owner is more than familiar with the complications of transporting a dog. Of course in an ideal world they could walk themselves but if your dog is lame, sick or elderly you might need to pop them in a carrier to get them out of the house. A cardboard box just isn't going to cut it: a custom-made dog carrier will make your life much easier.

Pack up your troubles

No matter what size, breed or shape your dog is, there's a perfect carrier to suit. If your pooch is petite then go for a doggy handbag. These are specially-designed bags with a little part cut away for your pup to peer out. Celebrities are rarely seen without their little dogs tucked in handbags, so if it's good enough for them...

For really tiny pups you could even consider a doggy backpack. Bigger dogs will need a more durable carrier or even a crate.

Travelling light

If your dog is something of a jet-setter and you're checking out dog carriers for a flight then choose a non-collapsible, well-ventilated one. It should be lockable, approved by the airline, and impossible to break free from. But if you're travelling in a car or on foot then it needs to be lightweight and designed so that you can collapse it (when your dog's not inside), otherwise it'll be cumbersome.

If it is going to predominantly be used in a car then it's worth finding a carrier that can easily be strapped in, similar to a baby seat. This will save your dog from potential injury in the event of a crash or emergency stop. If you're a biker then take a look at the specially-made bike baskets that are available.

Whichever carrier you choose, make sure that it has a little window so your dog can see where he or she is: they'll find it very reassuring. It's also worth checking that your dog is going to fit in it before you commit to a purchase. They should be able to turn around, lie down and stand up comfortably. If they can't then it's too small.

Canine couture

Naturally every fashion-conscious pup will need to be transported in something that is as stylish as they are. With the sheer range of colours, brands and styles on the market you'll be spoilt for choice!

A variety of materials are also available, common ones being plastic, denim, canvas and faux-leather. Choose a dark colour in a material that is easy to clean.

Customise your dog carrier

It's vital to make sure your dog is happy in their little haven, so pad it out with a quilted blanket and throw their favourite chew in, and perhaps a squeaky toy. Some carriers have pouches or pockets attached that you can pack some extra bits in, like a lead or a collar.

Transporting your dog safely and comfortably is vital - there really is a carrier to suit every lifestyle so make sure you find the perfect one for your pup.

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