Dog Ramps

As your dog gets older or less agile, you may need to make some adjustments to his lifestyle in order to accommodate his aging body. Just like people, aging dogs often develop stiff muscles and sore joints which can make simple activities like getting in and out of the car difficult or even painful.

A dog ramp is something that can make activities like climbing stairs, getting into the car and getting into bed more comfortable for an aging dog. Dog ramps are not just for elderly dogs, however - they can also be helpful for small breeds and limited-mobility dogs that have difficulty getting to high places on their own.

Uses for a dog ramp

The most common use for a dog ramp is to make it possible for elderly dogs to avoid strenuous activities such as getting into the car or climbing stairs. Dogs suffering from arthritis may no longer be able to perform these activities unassisted and dogs that have sore joints or muscles may be more comfortable using a ramp.

By purchasing a ramp for your dog you can help to keep him active, giving him an alternative way to continue doing the activities he once loved rather than forcing him to miss out on his favorite activities because his body no longer moves the way it used to.

In addition to being useful for older dogs, dog ramps can also help small breeds gain access to places they cannot reach on their own. Installing a dog ramp at the foot of your bed can make it easier for your small dog to climb in at night and a dog ramp makes it possible for your small dog to get into the back of the car to go for a ride.

Dog ramps can also be used by disabled or less mobile dogs who have suffered an injury that makes it difficult for them to jump or climb. As is true of people, sometimes our dogs just need a little bit of assistance and dog ramps perform just that function.

Things to look for when buying a dog ramp

When it comes to buying a ramp for your dog there are a variety of factors for you to consider. First, you need to determine what size ramp you need by considering the weight of your dog and what height the ramp needs to be able to reach.

Some ramps are simple one-piece affairs that can be moved into place but telescoping (or folding) dog ramps are also available which can be adjusted to different heights.

The type of dog ramp you purchase may depend on your price range and the availability of storage space as well. When your dog is not using the ramp you may want to keep it in the closet or under a bed out of sight.

Read reviews for the various dog ramps before you purchase one to see what other users think about the ease of use, the durability and the grip on the dog ramp you are considering. Check out the dog ramps available on Amazon - there's a huge selection available at great prices.

Just beware of cheap dog ramps - you tend to get what you pay for! Do your research to make sure you choose the right dog ramp that's strong and practical.

A dog ramp is the perfect solution to your dog's mobility problems. Most dog ramps are easy to use and can make the task of getting into the car or climbing the stairs much more comfortable for an elderly or less mobile dog.

If you want to ensure that your dog still enjoys the quality of life he always has, think about what adjustments you may need to make to his lifestyle - like adding a dog ramp - in order to make that possible.

If you don't think a ramp is the best solution for your dog, check out a set of dog steps instead.

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