Raised Dog Beds

A raised dog bed is perfect for your pooch. They are durable, warm, comfy, clean and ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Here is an explanation of why your dog might just love one!

Warmth and comfort

A raised dog bed is often more likely to keep your dog warm at night as it not lying on the floor which may get cool. Draughts that circulate around the ground are not going to affect your dog if they are raised. A dog bed placed directly on the floor will absorb the natural cool from the ground.

A dog bed which isn't particularly well padded will naturally lose it's 'plumpness' over time. These dog beds can become lumpy, and the thinner areas can become very uncomfortable. A raised dog bed won't suffer from these problems and will maintain their comfiness infinitely longer!

How much do raised dog beds cost?

Just like any other dog bed, prices vary. There's cheap raised dog beds and expensive ones. The price will depend mostly on style, size and quality. It's important to try not to sacrifice quality for the sake of a few pounds as the comfort of your dog's raised bed is of utmost importance.


Since raised dog beds are normally made from tough material and a metal frame they are pretty robust. This helps them last longer as they aren't subject to the wear and tear a normal dog bed would be when they move around and collect debris on the ground.

Indoors and outdoors

That's right...a raised dog bed is perfect for use outside and in. As they are normally a metal frame with legs, then plonking a raised dog bed on the lawn won't cover it in grass and won't make it damp. So if your dog feels like a rest while you are outside, pooch can lie down next to you!

Cool - at the right times

Just like in cold weather, a raised dog bed is great in warm weather too. They are normally made from a breathable material that's great for ventilation. When it's hot, your dog's body heat can be drawn away through this clever material. This way your dog will be cooler on a raised dog bed when it's warm rather than a fluffy pillow-type dog bed which won't let the warmth escape.

Moisture free

Since moisture normally gathers on the ground, a traditional dog bed will no doubt absorb it. This can lead to a dirty, unhygienic bed which can start to perish. It's also likely to prevent your dog suffering from aches and pains which are often caused by damp.

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