Calming Dog Beds

If your dog is a bed-hog, getting them their own bed can allow both of you to get a better night's sleep. But a calming dog bed provides much more than just a sleeping place to call their own; it's designed to soothe and snuggle, helping to calm anxious or reactive dogs, reassure puppies missing their mum, and comfort dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.

What is a calming dog bed?

A calming dog bed is designed to give your dog a sense of safety, security and comfort. Raised rims turn your dog's bed into his or her own little fortress, while thick padding and self-warming materials provide comfort and can help ease joint pain. Soft, fluffy coverings can be particularly appealing to puppies missing the warmth and softness of their mum.

A comfy, calming bed can help your dog settle and sleep better, reducing stress, anxiety and night-time whining. They will begin to associate it with relaxation and seek it out when they need to be soothed.

Choosing the right bed for your dog

There's a huge choice of calming dog beds from brands such as The Dog's Bed, Comfy, Abbyspace, Mushy and DogsLanding, so how can you choose the right bed for your pooch? Whittle down your shortlist by considering:


Obviously you need a large calming dog bed if you have a larger breed of dog, but you may also need a large bed if your dog is a sprawler rather than a curler! Always check the provided dimensions carefully.


Many dog calming beds are shaped like a donut. Some look like a thick, furry pad with a depression in the middle, while others are quite flat in the middle but have a thick bolster around all or most of the bed edge. This bolster can act as a cushion or help your dog feel extra secure as they snuggle down against it.

If your dog loves snuggling and burrowing, consider choosing a 'cave-style' bed (sometimes referred to as a 'dog tent bed' or 'dog sleeping bag' bed). These calming beds have a full or partial cover, either flat or erect, so that your dog can wriggle underneath and really tuck themselves in!


Look out for waterproof covers for puppies or older dogs with incontinence issues, orthopaedic memory foams beds for older dogs or those with joint issues, and heated beds for dogs who feel the cold, pooches who suffer from stiff joints or puppies (who struggle to regulate their body temperature). A machine washable cover may not matter much to Muttley but may be an essential feature for you!


Check out dog calming bed reviews, as they can provide useful extra information about robustness, ease of use and comfort.

Our Top Pick: The Best Calming Dog Bed In The UK

Our choice for the best calming dog bed in the UK is the bestselling The Dog's Bed Sound Sleep Donut Dog Bed. It's not hard to see why this bed has so many great reviews. Firstly, it looks great - and let's not pretend that's not important. You don't want an ugly dog bed in the corner of the room, and it's available in eight colours to match your décor!

Other great features include:

  • A removable, machine-washable, quick-drying cover
  • Animal-friendly vegan fur that won't shed
  • Self-warming materials
  • Supportive, waterproof internal base pad and squashable, snuggly top layer
  • Four sizes - up to XL for large dogs
  • Replacement covers available

It's also available at a great price, with free delivery.

Questions about Dog Calming Beds

How do I wash a calming dog bed?

Always follow the instructions carefully to retain the shape of the dog bed and prevent damage to the cover. Many beds have a removable cover, and most are machine washable.

Where can I buy a calming dog bed?

Calming beds for dogs are available from pet superstores such as Pets at Home, household stores like Argos and online retailers such as Amazon.

How do I calm my dog down before bed?

To ensure your dog is calm and sleeps well:

  • Ensure they get adequate exercise
  • Establish a bed-time routine to signal it's time to sleep
  • Spray calming aromatherapy scents on their bed (ensure you purchase products safe and suitable for dogs)
  • Stroke them firmly with the flat of your hand in long, sweeping strokes from their head to their tail
  • Try calming music.

Once you've checked reviews on Amazon, dog calming beds that are right for your furry friend should be easy to find - and you can both look forward to more restful nights!

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