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For those of us who like to spoil our pet pups, a standard dog basket just doesn't cut it. In order to make them really feel like part of the family, why not save up your pounds and invest in a plush, designer dog bed. They are more expensive than your basic dog beds but your dog will insist that they're definitely worth it.

Who said labels are just for humans?

Extra snuggly

The more money you spend, the more luxurious the lining. There are designer beds on the market made with a thick, soft suede on the outside and deluxe, extra deep 'n' snuggly faux fur on the inside. These designer dog beds look so cosy, you'll want to jump in with your pet.

But they won't let you, it's theirs now.


For the haute couture canine, it's all about staying ahead of the fashion pack. Pick up a bright pink, luxury bed if your little darling is a little bit of a princess. Or if they've got full on delusions of royalty, you could invest in a 'Princess' branded bed.

Other high fashion beds come with on trend polka dots and bright stripes, or you could go for countryside chic with a tweed style dog bed. Each dog's personality is totally unique so you'll know the right one when you see it.


If you invest in a designer dog bed, you won't go unrewarded. It would seem the higher the price, the greater the levels of comfort, meaning you get a well-rested, cheerful pup who's enjoyed an extremely cosy night's sleep.

Your new designer dog bed will go everywhere with you: it'll provide a comfy base in the car boot while you travel and it can come on holiday with you so your dog can enjoy all the comforts of home, wherever you happen to be.

Memory foam

If money really is no object, you can even get hold of large, memory foam dog beds. The mattress moulds itself to your dog's shape and guarantees a quiet night's sleep for even the most restless dogs.

Also, memory foam beds are ideal for the slighty, ahem, 'larger' dog and magic for pups who suffer with arthritis and rheumatism. If they find it difficult to move about, the comfort of their memory foam bed will prevent pressure sores and enhance circulation, improving their condition and the quality of their rest.


Designer dog beds don't come cheap, but the quality of the materials and the supreme comfort they provide will be well worth the investment. High-end dog beds start at as little as £20 but when you move up the price scale, you'll soon see what you can get for your money.

The quality of the materials will rocket once you reach the environs of £50 and you don't really need to spend much more to get really top quality dog beds. However, the memory foam options can cost upwards of £100 - which is reasonable considering the price of the materials.

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