Geckos were the first domesticated species of lizard and they are becoming more and more popular as pets. They are easy to keep, easy to breed and live for a long time given the right care.

They are relatively small creatures but not too small to handle or admire their beauty. They have a stunning velvet skin and beautiful eyes. Geckos come in a multitude of patterns and colours.

Geckos are relaxed and docile making them friendly pets with fantastic and intriguing personalities.

Our section dedicated to geckos brings you articles, information and advice on owning a gecko, from care to breeding and from housing to feeding.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy finding out about pet geckos!

Designing the Perfect Gecko Vivarium

Design your gecko's vivarium in a natural way will help them live happily in familiar surroundings and create a real centre piece for you and your family to enjoy observing. Here are our tips for designing your pet leopard gecko's habitat.

How to Heat a Gecko Enclosure

Geckos need to regulate their body temperature and so it's vital that you provide them with the right surroundings. Here is a quick guide to heating your gecko's enclosure or vivarium.

Leopard Gecko Shelters and Hideouts

geckos are nocturnal animals that like to remain concealed in the wild. The same goes for pet geckos so it's important to provide them with shelters and places to hide away. Here's a quick guide.

Substrates and Floor Coverings for Gecko Enclosures

Geckos need a proper covering to the base of their enclosure. This is by the use of a substrate. There's a couple of options when it comes to choosing a substrate for your gecko's vivarium.

Choosing an Enclosure for a Leopard Gecko

If you are buying a new leopard gecko, you'll need a good enclosure for it to live happily in. There a few things to think about when buying a vivarium so here's a quick guide to making the right choice.

How To Choose a Leopard Gecko

If you've decided to buy a leopard gecko as a pet, you'll need to make sure you select the right one. Here's a quick guide to choosing and buying a leopard gecko.

The Leopard Gecko as a Pet

Leopard geckos make great pets. They are easy to care for and can tolerate brief handling too. They are beautiful little creatures and are very much underrated as pets.

Gecko Introduction

Geckos are fascinating little creatures and make fantastic pets. Here's a quick introduction to geckos just to whet your appetite.

Leopard Gecko Housing and Environment

Geckos need the right habitat to be comfortable, happy and healthy. This article give you tips on setting up your leopard gecko's new home.

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