Cat Carriers

Owning a cat carrier is very important for any cat owner. Choosing the best cat carrier can be tricky as there's so many available in all sort of styles, sizes, materials and colours. Here is a quick introduction to buying a cat carrier.

You'll need a cat carrier to transport your pet, whether it's on a short journey or just a short trip to the local vet. The carrier you buy must be the right size and provide your cat with as much comfort as possible.

What kind of cat carriers can I buy?

There's a multitude of cat carriers to choose from - it's up to you which you choose. Here are some examples of types of cat carrier:

  • Plastic cat carriers
  • Wicker cat carriers
  • Wire cat carriers
  • Cardboard cat carriers

And many, many more!

How do I choose a cat carrier?!

Perhaps most importantly is the size of the carrier. Most cats are of similar sizes and so will fit into most cat carriers. However, if you have particularly small cat (or kitten), a slightly smaller carrier will suffice.

Your cat should have enough room inside their carrier to stretch somewhat and be able to walk around a little. Your cat will need enough room to sleep comfortably too - whether it's curled up in a ball or stretched out on it's side!

The cat carrier you buy should have plenty of natural ventilation. This should be the case of all good cat carriers - enough holes, slots and gap to allow plenty of natural air to flow in and out for your cat.

You will need to open the cat carrier easily and put your cat inside it without too much difficulty. many cat carriers have a 'front door' for your cat to enter and exit. Others will also have a top entry area. This can make life even easier, especially if your cat doesn't want to be put into it's carrier!

Which material is best?

Most cat carriers are hard plastic, making them durable and easy to clean. This tends to be the most popular choice amongst cat owners.

Cardboard cat carriers, whilst being cheaper, should only be used for transporting your cat over short distances. They are liable to be scratched and may get soggy if your cat has a 'little accident'.

Go for quality

You can save a few pounds here and there by buying a cheap cat carrier, but it's important not to sacrifice quality for price. Your cat will need to be as comfortable as possible inside it's carrier. The carrier also needs to be safe and sturdy too. A good quality cat carrier will last years and years.

How about design?

There's plenty of options when it comes to the style and colour of your cat carrier. This is your chance to help you both look the part when your cat is being transported!

If your favourite colour is pink, then why not choose a pink cat carrier? There's definitely a style to fit every preference!

What other features are there?

There are some even more extravagant cat carriers available. Whether it's a cat carrier with wheels or a folding cat carrier, have a think about whether or not you will find any extra features useful.

Choosing a cat carrier shouldn't be difficult. Just be sure to buy one that's the right size and of a good quality. The rest is up to you and your feline friend!

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