Automatic Cat Feeders

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If you can't rely on your friend or neighbour to feed your cat, an automatic cat feeder will ensure that puss won't go hungry when you aren't there! Read on to find out more about automatic cat feeders.

Perhaps you are working late, or maybe you are away for the weekend. An automatic cat feeder can be a great help. They can be set to automatically feed your cat at certain times of the day when you aren't there.

Automatic cat feeders can also be useful for cats that become sick if they eat too much at one. An automatic feeder can spread their meals a bit at a time throughout the day.

What Types of Automatic Cat Feeder Can I Buy?

Automatic feeders come in different shapes and sizes and can be set at different feeding intervals. These might be to give your cat it's food every 24, 12 or 6 hours for example. Some cat feeders have the capacity to store a single meal, but some larger ones can store up to 5!

Advantages of Automatic Cat Feeders

An automatic cat feeder provides regularity of food for your feline friend. It can save having to 'overfeed' your cat if you are away for a night. This way you don't have to leave a huge bowl of food out, some of which might go off if your cat doesn't eat it all at once.

Automatic cat feeders aren't big items and so are easily transportable. If you are going away and taking your cat with you, this can be a great help.

Automatic cat feeders can help your cat into a routine because meals can be set at particular times. An eating routine can be good for your cat and this way you can be in control of how often they eat.

These feeders are easy to dismantle so you can clean them out. So hygiene isn't a problem. They also have protective seals so that the food inside them doesn't go off and bugs can't crawl in.

Whilst an automatic cat feeder gives you piece of mind when you aren't there, you should arrange for someone to at least visit your cat every day to make sure everything is fine. Whilst cats don't have the day to day needs that dogs do, they still need looking after - so be responsible.

Your automatic feeder should not be used as a means of leaving your cat totally unattended for long periods.

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