Choosing a Cat Collar

Cat collars are much more important than you might think - they aren't just a feline fashion accessory! This page gives your tips and advice on choosing a cat collar.

Why should my cat have a collar?

There are a number of reasons why a responsible cat owner should ensure their cat has a collar. These are:

  • To hold a tag for identification in case the cat gets lost
  • To hold a bell to help warn birds that a cat is after them!
  • To help identify the cat if someone has to describe it's appearance
  • Oh...and they look pretty!

Cat collar safety features

An important consideration when choosing a cat collar is it's 'escape' features. It is important when if a cat get it's collar stuck, it can escape from the collar. This often happens in undergrowth and bushes. You don't want your cat to get stuck if it's collar gets snagged on a branch. There are two main types.

'Break away' or 'Snap away' cat collars have a small plastic buckle that will come apart when it is tugged when you cat wriggles from being caught up. This allows the collar to be removed. The other type is an elastic cat collar which will expand when your cat tugs at the collar. We would recommend choosing a cat collar with either (or both) of these features.

Many cat collars are reflective. This will help people spot your cat from a distance as it will reflect light and be more visible in the dark. This is especially useful for cats that live near roads.

Cat collar identification

As a cat owner, you should choose a cat collar which you can attach an identification tag to. This can show their name and your phone number so that people can get in touch with you if they find your cat.

We also recommend putting a bell on your cat collar. This helps birds and small animals to be alert when a cat might be on the prowl nearby. This is sure to reduce the amount of unnecessary 'gifts' that your cat will being into the house!

Choosing the right sized cat collar

Generally speaking, an adult cat collar will fit all adult cats as their necks are all of a very similar size. Many cat collars are adjustable in any case. The collar should not be tight so it doesn't cause choking or discomfort. It should also not be too loose so that it can slip off easily.

Very few cats without a collar and identification are reunited with their owners if they go missing. It is vitally important that your cat can escape if it's collar becomes stuck on any obstructions.

As you can see, choosing the right cat collar is more important than first meets the eye. Give it some careful consideration!

As a rule, you should always be able to fit two fingers between the cat's neck and it's collar.

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