Hooded Cat Litter Trays

Hooded litter trays are becoming more and more popular in the feline world - and with some great features it's no surprise why!

If you or your cat are unfamiliar with hooded litter trays - the name explains it all. A hooded litter tray is generally a plastic litter tray for your cat...with a hood!

Their design offers a number of features and benefits:

  • Less mess
  • Contents are hidden
  • Privacy for your cat
  • Less unsightly for visitors

Less mess

Hooded litter trays are particularly good for cats who are 'enthusiastic' about hiding the evidence once they've been to the toilet! The scratching, flicking and spreading of the litter won't end up over the floor thanks to the walls of the hood. Phew.

The walls are also the perfect solution to those cats that don't realise their bottom is hanging over the edge of a standard little tray. Poop! A thing of the past with a hooded litter tray.

Contents are hidden

A hooded litter tray has the advantage of hiding the contents inside it. That's not an excuse to change you cat's litter tray less often - but at least a recent moggy toilet visit isn't on full display to you and your guests!

More private

Let's face it - we all like a bit of privacy when we make a visit to the toilet - and it shouldn't be any different for your feline friend. In fact, most cats prever a bit of shelter when doing their business. The litter tray hood gives you cat safe haven in which to 'relax'!

Tell me more...

Hooded litter trays are generally made of tough plastic and will vary in quality, size, colour and design. The hood is always removable, so you can get to the tray easily to change it.

ome hooded litter trays even come with a flap for your cat to enter and exit, which helps the odour not to spread to quickly. Most even have handles on top of the hood to make it easy for you to pick up and move around.


Some cats might not actually like the enclosed space of the inside of a hooded litter tray. If you cat has any claustrophobic tendencies, it might not be the best solution. Also, moving your feline friend from a standard 'open' litter tray to a hooded one might be quite a daunting change.

All in all, hooded litter trays are fantastic little things. They keep mess to a minimum and, give you cats privacy and help hide the contents from sight. Here at Loving Your Pet, our cats have been using them for years - and we will never look back!

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