Before Your get a New Cat...

Remember that getting a pet is something that should be thought about very carefully. Any pet is a long-term investment, in terms of time, effort and money.

Buying A Cat Is A Long Commitment

Some cats can live into their twenties - this is a long time, and you must be fully committed to caring for your cat for the whole of this period. You must be serious about wanting a cat, and you must know that you are in it for the long haul. Buying a cat should be considered in the same way as other decisions- like a change of job, a change of lifestyle, or starting a family.

Consider Your Surroundings

Buying a pet cat will need consideration of your current environment. Does your house suit a cat? Do you have a garden? A small house without a garden is far from ideal for a pet cat. If you live in rented accommodation, you will need to check with your landlord if you are allowed pets. There are also pet restrictions for tenants of council houses. You will need to check this out.

Getting A Cat Should Be A Family Decision

Does every member of your family want a cat? If there is any sort of resistance, getting a cat will be a very bad move. If you have children, will they get on with a pet cat? Your pet cat must be able to fit in with your family life. And remember, just because your children want a cat doesn't mean you have to have one. It is a group decision - a big one.

Is Your Lifestyle Suitable for a Cat?

It is important to think about your lifestyle. If you work long hours, then you may not have enough time to care for your cat. If you tend to take holidays regularly, you must think about how your pet cat will be cared for whilst you are away, and the costs that might be involved. Young cats can often need a lot of attention in its' first days at a new home - will this be possible?

Think About The Cost

You must also consider cost. This would include food, vet bills and care. It can be useful to speak to a vet to get a grasp of the cost of owning a cat - you might be surprised. Remember to include for the cost of vaccinations and neutering. Other costs may include flea treatment, litter, trays and other items like scratching posts. You must be able to afford to look after a pet cat.

Remember, a cat needs love to be happy. You must be prepared to give fluffy the love he or she deserves!

In summary, getting a cat is a big commitment which you should give the consideration to that these beautiful animals deserve.

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