Rawhide Christmas Cards for Dogs

What better way to enjoy Christmas with your dog than with an edible rawhide dog christmas card?! They are the latest craze sweeping dog-loving households at Christmas.

Yes, that's right, you can give your dog an edible card this Christmas! Made of rawhide (one of a dog's favourite things to chew), these Christmas cards feature great festive decoration and an even better taste.

Here's a quick selection of rawhide Christmas cards for dogs, or you can view the whole range here on Amazon.

These rawhide Christmas cards for dogs are completely pooch friendly and fully edible. Here's some more information for you:

  • They feature great festive decoration
  • The coloured parts of the cards are from natural vegetable colouring
  • Most rawhide Christmas cards also come with a note so you can personalise them
  • Most also come with an envelope that allows them to be posted. Useful if you are posting one to a friend's dog!

Merry Christmas to both you and your dog!

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