Christmas Dog T-Shirts

Christmas dog t-shirts are becoming super-popular for dog owners over the festive period. It will add some serious fun at Christmas as your dog wanders around in a Christmas themed outfit!

There's a huge range of Christmas t-shirts for dogs available in your local pet shop or online retailers. Buying a t-shirt for your dog at Christmas is easy - just choose your favourite design and the right size. Then your pooch is ready to go!

Which design?

It's entirely up to you. There's a great choice available, like the ones shown above which you can buy on Amazon. Whilst most Christmas dog t-shirts are red, the traditional colour of Christmas, there's a host of others available.

Many dog t-shirts will have some sort of Christmas message either embroidered or printed on them. From 'Merry Christmas' to 'Santa's Little Helper', the choice is entirely up to you.


Whether it's a small Jack Russell or a large Labrador, you can buy your dog a Christmas t-shirt in any number of sizes. It's probably a good idea to measure your dog before you buy one so that you know it will be a snug fit.

How much do they cost?

Again, this depends. There's both cheap ones and expensive ones, so there's bound to be a Christmas t-shirt for your dog to suit your budget. Generally you get what you pay for, but on the whole they aren't too expensive. In our experience, even 10 or 20 pounds is worth it for a bit of extra poochy fun over the Christmas holidays.

Dog t-shirts are great for your dog to lounge around the house in. They are comfortable and will even add a little extra layer of warmth during the cold weather. If it's really cold over Christmas, however, a dog t-shirt may not be suitable for outdoor walks. You are better off buying a Christmas dog jumper or winter dog coat.

Merry Christmas!

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