Keeping Guinea Pigs Indoors

Keeping your guinea pig indoors can be a lot easier than keeping them outdoors. By keeping them in the house you don't need to worry about changes in the weather. Here is our guide to keeping guinea pigs indoors.

Guinea pigs are happy living indoors at the temperatures that we are used to in the home. By keeping your guinea pigs indoors, you can also give them a lot more space.

TIP! If you have cats or dogs, ensure your guinea pig is kept in a separate room or at least in a covered pen or cage.

Give your guinea pigs indoor space

Your guinea pig needs daily exercise to remain healthy and happy. Keeping your guinea pig indoors makes this even easier. You can give them a big partitioned area to hang around in at their own leisure - use your imagination!

Indoor guinea pig cages and hutches

Most indoor guinea pig cages have either solid plastic walls or wire walls. You can buy both types from most pet shops whether in the high street or online. We recommend choosing an indoor guinea pig cage with a solid plastic base.

Try not to position your indoor guinea pig cage or hutch too near a window. Direct sunlight through the window can make their living quarters very hot.

IMPORTANT! If your indoor guinea pigs have areas to roam around in the house, you should cover or remove all electrical cables or leads. Guinea pigs love to chew!

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