Dwarf Russian Hamsters: What You Need to Know

There are certain pet lovers who love to have dwarf Russian hamsters as pets. They can be managed and cared for quite easily. It is however important that you know how to care for them when you set up their new habitat. Feed your Russian hamsters properly and know the things that can make them contented.

Types of dwarf Russian hamsters

There are three species of the dwarf Russian hamsters. The most popular is Campbell dwarf hamster. The other two are the winter white dwarf hamster and the roborovski dwarf hamster. The Campbell hamster is the most common of all and can be found in almost any quality pet shop.

Dwarf Russian hamster care

When you are just starting to care for your pet hamster, there are some basic things that you need to know to be able to play the role of a responsible pet owner.

  1. Choosing the right housing for your Russian hamster is important for the safety of your pet and for it to have a longer life. Make sure that your Russian hamsters can adjust to their new home without difficulty. Be sure that you have researched well about Russian hamsters so that you can help them make the transition without a hitch.
  2. The cage of your pet must be big enough so that it has room to run around. The hamster wheel in the new house of the hamster is there so that it can run around in the absence of the open area that your pet was used to in its natural habitat.
  3. Like any other pet, you have to feed your hamster properly. A proper diet will make them happy and they will live a longer life. There are commercially sold hamster food in many pet stores. You can give them a pellet that is made up of mixed food. Others prefer to feed their hamster with rat food. You can also feed your Russian hamster with fruits and vegetables.
  4. Hamsters are very small creatures. Sometimes people fail to see this when they are feeding their pets. Cut the food into small bits and pieces so that hamsters can eat it well.
  5. Diabetes is common among these pets so avoid giving them sweets.
  6. This type of hamster has a poor eye sight. Give them ample time to recognize your voice so that when you pick them up they will not bite you. If you pick them up right away, they may not recognize you at first and bite you.
  7. When getting a Russian hamster, do not just get one. Same sex hamsters can live together or you can combine 1 male and 2 female hamster. You can spend some time observing the hamsters to see if they are getting along before buying them. Some hamsters do not get along well and they may end up fighting.
  8. Hamsters love to indulge in activities that are energetic. They are usually active at night and that is where the exercise wheel is useful.

When buying a Russian hamsters as your pet, make sure that you are able to take care of him and give them the attention and love.

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