How to Train a Hamster

Once your hamster is fully tame, there's a good chance you will be able to train your hamster! That's right - many hamster owners have trained their hamsters to play or even perform tricks. Here are some tips on how to train your hamster.

Owning a hamster that can perform tricks is a sure fire way of providing fun and amusement for both you and your pet. Just like training any other animal, you'll need patience and perseverance, but it will be worth it in the long run!

Many hamster owners will train their hamster to perform a simple trick, others manage to master more complex routines. Whatever you choose to train your hamster to do, just use your imagination!

Use a reward

A crucial part of any training regime is to use a reward. Ideally, your training treat of choice should be one that you know your hamster loves - whether it's a small piece of fruit, a peanut or a raisin maybe.

Train your hamster to stand

Grab a treat and hold it above your hamsters head. It will have to stand up on it's hind legs to be able to reach it. Say your hamsters name and the 'stand' command a few times.

Once your hamster stands up to reach for the treat, give your hamster the reward. Repeat this a number of times, placing emphasis on the word 'stand'. Given enough repetition in small doses now and again, your hamster should learn the stand command.

Try the routine every now and again until your hamster will stand even if you don't have a treat above it's head. Given the right training, your hamster may even stand when it is told to without you even being close by!

Teach your hamster it's name

Using a very similar method, you can teach your hamster to come to you when you call his or her name. Hold out a small piece of food and call your hamster's name. Over time, your hamster will associate the command of it's name with approaching you. This can be particularly good fun, if done right, if you can get your hamster to come to you from afar!

Like any other animal, a hamster can be trained. Use repetition, consistency and patience. Speak to your hamster gently and give it time!

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